Baldy Beard
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Who id Baldy Beard

Ah yes. This question comes up often; however, there never quite seems to be a finite answer on who Baldy Beard is. The oft-muttered statement that any avid Baldy Beard seeker repeatedly hears is, "You just missed him." Part world traveler. Part adventurer. All brewer. Baldy Beard's past (and present for that matter) is shrouded by mystery, but we can tell you one thing: He vows to continually #DrinkWithFriends.

The Brews
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The Brewery

Baldy Beard Brewing Company is a nanobrewery with a 1.5 barrel system.
Our brewery is currently under construction,
but there will be plenty of time soon to #DrinkWithFriends.

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Wish you were beer

Check back to see where Baldy Beard is on tap.

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